Catherene Ngoh

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Postdoctoral Scholar, Santa Barbara



Catherene Ngoh

Catherene Ngoh earned her Ph.D in Comparative Literature at Emory University where she worked on a dissertation “Affects of War: Wordsworth, Coleridge, Hazlitt, and De Quincey.” She is also a graduate of the Center of Theory and Criticism (University of Western Ontario), where she completed her M.A. Her areas of interest include eighteenth- and nineteenth- century British literature, with a focus on Romanticism, read as a complex variety of poetic, aesthetic and affective responses to a wide range of political concerns from revolution and war, to the abolition of slavery and the death penalty. My research is informed by a variety of theoretical perspectives including: affect studies of race and gender; biopolitics; trans-atlantic studies; comparative theories of war, revolution, and sovereignty. Expanding upon some of the central concerns of her dissertation, her project at UCSB seeks to find in contemporary studies of affect and environmental humanities resources for moving beyond humanist interpretations of war.