We live in an age of unprecedented movement of people across continents, provoked by the processes of decolonization, war, globalization of commerce and finance, climate change.

Economic migrants, political and ecological refugees redesign world societies, uniting people in urban environments and dividing them across partitioned zones of conflict. Imagining how people can live together is an imperative that has led us to embrace cultural pluralism as our focus. The Humanities and Social Change Center draws on Ca’Foscari’s international reputation as a school where forty languages and their numerous related cultures are taught and investigated.

Our vantage point is that of Venice as crossroads of civilizations but also a vulnerable city where the effects of migration, global tourism, and climate change call for sharp thinking and creative measures. For a responsible, planetary, cultural pluralism we want a new vision and sustainable models of equitable cohabitation among peoples and with other sentient life forms.

Image: Adapting, 2019 © Andi Arnovitz