Economists in the City

A Blogged Conference

Economists in the City

Economists in the City 758 460 Cléo Chassonnery-Zaïgouche

When and why did the expertise and knowledge of economists become so highly valued in the world of public policy? Our blogged conference explores this question by bringing together historians of economics, economists, urban policy experts and social scientists. Blogposts from each participants will be published on a rolling basis. After we have published each of their contributions, we will invite other contributors to comment in response, and will offer our own reflections about some of the key debates and issues.


Economists in the City: Reconsidering the History of Urban Policy Expertise: An Introduction, by Mike Kenny & Cléo Chassonnery-Zaïgouche

Cities and Space: Towards a History of ‘Urban Economics’, by Beatrice Cherrier & Anthony Rebours

From Cities to Nations: Jane Jacobs’ Thinking about Economic Expansion by Cédric Philadelphe Divry

The Institutionalization of Regional Science  In the Shadow of Economics by Anthony Rebours

Urban Agglomeration, City Size and Productivity: Are Bigger, More Dense Cities Necessarily More Productive? by Ron Martin

Technology as a Driver of Agglomeration by Diane Coyle

Regions and Cities: Policy Narratives and Policy Challenges in the UK by Philipp McCann