Daniel Finch-Race

Daniel Finch-Race 150 150 Barbara Del Mercato

Post-Doc Fellow, Venice Center

Enviro-Medical Approaches to the Industrial Revolution in France and Italy

Supervisor: Stefano Ercolino

Year: 2020-21

This post-doc is issued in collaboration with ECLT

Daniel Finch-Race

Daniel Finch-Race researches creative representations of environmental change in French and Italian culture since the mid-1800s. His doctoral work at the University of Cambridge focussed on ecocritical approaches to Charles Baudelaire’s urban poetry of 1857-61. Before joining the Center for the Humanities and Social Change at Ca’ Foscari, he held teaching fellowships at the University of Southampton and Durham University, an Environmental Humanities Visiting Research Fellowship at the University of Edinburgh, and a Vice-Chancellor’s Fellowship at the University of Bristol. His current project blends the environmental and medical humanities to address physical and emotional aspects of pollution in France and Italy around the time of the Industrial Revolution.

Daniel Finch-Race’s publications and cv