Pierre Fasula

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Postdoctoral Fellow, Santa Barbara Center


Pierre Fasula

Pierre was a postdoctoral fellow at the Center in Santa Barbara during its first year in 2017/2018, and at the same time a lecturer at UCSB in the departments of philosophy, comparative literature, and religious studies. His work at Santa Barbara was part of a collaborative project which investigated questions related to the concepts of facts, values, and truth, and particularly the value and nature of factual knowledge amid the recent debates of ‘fake news’. He considered this issue through philosophy of literature, more specifically detective and spy novels, as these genres show the value and nature of the establishing of truth, and its difficulties. One result of this research is a broader account of fake news and conspiracy theories, based on a study of resentment. Pierre is back now at the University Paris 1 Pantheon Sorbonne, as a research fellow, where he investigates the affective and social roots of our relation to truth.

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