Simon Thornton

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Postdoctoral Scholar, Santa Barbara



Simon Thornton

Simon Thornton received his BA in Politics and Eastern European Studies at University College, London, where he specialized in Russian and post-Soviet culture and politics. After spending two years working for an NGO in the Republic of Armenia, his interests became decidedly more theoretical, and he returned to his hometown to complete an M.A. in political theory at the University of Sheffield. Simon then completed his Ph.D. research at the University of Essex, where he focused on the moral phenomenology of the Danish thinker K.E. Løgstrup. At the Humanities and Social Change Center, Simon is currently working on a project that brings together Kierkegaard’s insights into guilt with the concepts of moral distress and moral ambiguity. More generally, Simon is interested in the domains of ethics and the philosophy of religion, as well as the traditions of German idealism, phenomenology and existentialism, and critical theory. 


‘Ethics and Ontology: Løgstrup between Levinas and Heidegger,’ The Monist, forthcoming [2020].

‘Herzog’s Post-Tragic Aesthetic: A Kierkegaardian Perspective,’ submitted: under review and under contract for publication in The Philosophy of Werner Herzog, Rowman and Littlefield.

‘Expressions of Life and Moral Agency,’ in preparation: to be submitted to Ethics.

‘Levinas and ‘Finite Freedom,’’ in preparation for an anticipated collection entitled Freedom after Kant.