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Pluralizing Critical Theory – Syllabus Exchange Platform 150 150 Susann Schmeisser

Pluralizing Critical Theory – Syllabus Exchange Platform

In collaboration with the Program in Critical Theory at Northwestern University Chicago, and the International Consortium of Critical Theory Programs the Humanities and Social Change Center Berlin invites all scholars to contribute their syllbi to this collection kritische Theorie(n) pluralisieren, which will serve to pluralize teaching in the field of critical theory(s). The list of categories by which the submitted syllabi will be organized is intended as an initial guide and will be gradually expanded and adapted. The project is inspired by a number of similar initiatives, such as the APA Inclusivity Syllabus Collection (, but has a clear focus on teaching in German-speaking countries.

Grant approval by Berlin University Alliance 150 150 Susann Schmeisser

Grant approval by Berlin University Alliance

We are very pleased that the Berlin University Alliance has agreed to support the project “Transforming Solidarities. Practices and Infrastructures in the Migration Society“. In the project Berlin is seen as a “laboratory” of the migration society. In the fields of work, housing and health, researchers investigate the conditions that make solidarity possible, as well as the practices and infrastructures in which it is negotiated.
Our Center is part of the interdisciplinary research consortium with researchers from Berlin Universities (TU/FU/HU/Charité).

New book by Eva von Redecker 500 300 Nina Rismal

New book by Eva von Redecker

New book by Eva von Redecker

In August 2018, Eva von Redecker, the deputy director of the Berlin Center, published her new book entitled Praxis und Revolution: Eine Sozialtheorie radikalen Wandels. The book provides a philosophical study of the relation between practices of the everyday and large-scale political and social transformation. Under what conditions can interstitial changes assume revolutionary proportions? And which forces blocks their proliferation? Drawing on several literary case-studies, von Redecker promotes a revised concept of revolution as processual and metaleptic. In her social theory, subject and object of revolution blend into each other, as both are construed in the same register: as praxis.

The German edition of the book can be ordered at Campus Verlag or Amazon. An English translation of the book is under preparation.