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Nancy Fraser is Walter Benjamin Chair 2020 150 150 Susann Schmeisser

Nancy Fraser is Walter Benjamin Chair 2020

We are immensely pleased to announce that Nancy Fraser will serve as this year’s Benjamin Chair and give three lectures on the ecological crisis of capitalism under the general heading Climates of Capital.

Providing us with sharp analytical tools for connecting political, social and economic structures and struggles, Nancy Fraser’s work has been driven by a commitment to critically analyzing interacting layers of oppression and exploitation from the very beginning. Her early writings on struggles over needs and so-called ‘welfare dependency’ with a keen eye on androcentrism and state-managed capitalism made her into an eminent feminist thinker. In the 1990s and 2000s, she brought the critique of capitalism to a new level by conceptualizing the shift from post-war, state-centered capitalism to financialized capitalism. For Fraser it is never either class or status, redistribution or recognition but ‘both/and’ when she addresses questions of misrecognition, status hierarchy, ecology, and sexuality. In the last decade, Nancy Fraser, has developed a theoretical framework that focuses on the big questions surrounding the peculiar social form known as “capitalism,” upending many of our commonly held assumptions about what capitalism is and how to subject it to critique. Her new approach shows how, throughout its history, various regimes of capitalism have relied on a series of institutional separations between economy and polity, production and social reproduction, and human and non-human nature, periodically readjusting the boundaries between these domains in response to crises and upheavals. Tracing how these “boundary struggles” offer a key to understanding capitalism’s contradictions and the multiple forms of conflict to which it gives rise, she has managed to reconceptualize capitalism as an institutionalized social order – an order in crisis.

New book by Eva von Redecker 500 300 Nina Rismal

New book by Eva von Redecker

New book by Eva von Redecker

In August 2018, Eva von Redecker, the deputy director of the Berlin Center, published her new book entitled Praxis und Revolution: Eine Sozialtheorie radikalen Wandels. The book provides a philosophical study of the relation between practices of the everyday and large-scale political and social transformation. Under what conditions can interstitial changes assume revolutionary proportions? And which forces blocks their proliferation? Drawing on several literary case-studies, von Redecker promotes a revised concept of revolution as processual and metaleptic. In her social theory, subject and object of revolution blend into each other, as both are construed in the same register: as praxis.

The German edition of the book can be ordered at Campus Verlag or Amazon. An English translation of the book is under preparation.