Lea-Riccarda Prix

Lea-Riccarda Prix 1024 683 Susann Schmeisser

Doctoral Candidate, Berlin Center


Email: prixlear@hu-berlin.de

Lea-Riccarda Prix

Lea is a research assistant at the Center in Berlin. Since April 2018, she has also been a scholar of the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung. She finished her masters degree in Philosophy in 2017 at Humboldt University. In her doctoral dissertation, entitled The Second Work, she develops a concept of labor as reproduction, responding to Simone de Beauvoir’s The Second Sex and Hegel’s dialectic of master and servant in his Phenomenology of Spirit.

Current sociopolitical discourses take up a range of themes which are often viewed as part of the “crisis of work” or of today’s work-oriented society: these include digitization, the aging society, the organization of care work and the question of basic income. Lea’s dissertation project interprets these discourses as an expression of a crisis in the concept of work. Against this background, she is concerned with a new understanding of the concept of work which opens up a different perspective on these sociopolitical developments.