Exploring Sonic Environments

Exploring Sonic Environments

Exploring Sonic Environments 1024 576 Barbara Del Mercato

11th June 2021, 3.00 PM (CEST)

A ECLT / HSC Joint Seminar: the European Centre for Living Technology and the  Center for the Humanities and Social Change


Exploring Sonic Environments

with Heather Contant (HSC), Daniel Finch-Race (HSC), Maria Mannone (ECLT)

This investigation of sounds in spheres ranging from physical environments to music will connect research in the arts and sciences with the aim of constructing an interdisciplinary language around the specificities of Venice.

– Topic 1: Soundscapes of Pollution > What are the acoustic dimensions of ecological problems, including the perception of certain sounds as problematic noises?

– Topic 2: Rhythm > Which sounds constitute the rhythms of the places where we live?

– Topic 3The Mathematics of Sounds in Nature > To what extent is a mathematical framework fruitful for understanding crossmodal correspondences between auditory effects in nature and music, as well as listeners’ internal visualizations of sonic forms such as a melodic line?

Bio sketch
Heather Contant
explores the collectivist tendencies of media arts through her research, teaching, and creative endeavors. Her research on the history of wireless media has gained recognition in multiple publications, such as Leonardo Music Journal, Soundscape, and Journal of Sonic Studies, and she was awarded the 2018 Dean’s Award for Excellence in Higher Degree Research for her PhD thesis from the University of New South Wales Art and Design in Sydney, Australia.

Daniel Finch-Race
researches creative representations of environmental change in French and Italian culture since the mid-1800s. His doctoral work at the University of Cambridge focussed on ecocritical approaches to Charles Baudelaire’s urban poetry of 1857-61. Before joining the Center for the Humanities and Social Change at Ca’ Foscari, he held teaching fellowships at the University of Southampton and Durham University, an Environmental Humanities Visiting Research Fellowship at the University of Edinburgh, and a Vice-Chancellor’s Fellowship at the University of Bristol.

Maria Mannone
earned her Master in Theoretical Physics as well as three Masters in Composition, in Conducting, and in Piano in Italy. In Paris, at IRCAM – UPMC Paris 6 Sorbonne, she earned her Master 2 ATIAM in Acoustics, Signal Processing, and Informatics applied to Music. In the US, at the University of Minnesota, she achieved her Ph.D. in Composition. She is a member of the editorial board and editor in training of the Journal of Mathematics and the Arts.

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This event is part of the Environmental Humanities Seminar and Lecture Series – V